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Going vegetarian/vegan nearly killed us. Balanced nutrition saved our life.

The drastic change

The summer of 2018 was the beginning of a new start in my life, and one that seemed necessary at the time. I was struggling with my weight and had knee issues and not to mention the sleep apnea that made me exhausted daily. I had recently been introduced to an amazing nutrition product that did wonders for my knee and joint pain and had some impact on my energy woes. I was still struggling with weight and knew it was a major factor in my problem. My wife was great looking and in amazing shape despite being seven years older than myself, so I understood that my issues were self-inflicted. I did the one thing that people dread, I made a drastic change.

Cold Turkey, no pun intended

My wife had gone vegetarian for a year before I decided to make the change myself. I quit cold turkey and decided that my life would change that day. I immediately stopped eating meat and significantly decreased my dairy intake and within weeks I felt the best I had ever felt in years. I had more energy, significantly less pain, and I started shedding pounds. I

My wife and I a year after going vegetarian with nutrition supplements.

completely understood the feeling my wife described when she stopped eating meat and how the weight was finally lifted. We now had great nutrition and better eating habits or so we thought. 🤔

The initial loss

I initially lost 40 POUNDS! The switch had paid off and I felt better and had more energy than ever. The level of skepticism I originally had was washed away and now replaced with a feeling of euphoria. I shouted from the rooftops and told anyone that would listen how amazing my life had become by switching to a vegetarian lifestyle. All was great for about a year then 2020 came and by the middle of summer my wife and I noticed some serious changes in our health for the worse.

The end of our rope

My wife slowly noticed her weight rising and pain level increasing all while working out and retaining a personal trainer. I had started gaining my weight back and then eventually surpassed the original weight I started at. We looked into all the foods we were eating and started adding and subtracting items only to be in a perpetual state of shock as we could find no solution to our issue. We never stopped taking the amazing nutrition that we had found a few years prior because it was the only bright spot in our wellness regimen and honestly kept our vitals from coming off the hinge.

My wife visited countless doctors including the Mayo Clinic several times and specialist ranging from endocrinologist to dieticians. I myself went to get a checkup and was told I was borderline diabetic and officially diagnosed with sleep apnea. We were on the brink of giving up after two years of endless fast, diets, and medication. My wife had settled on plastic surgery, and I spent $700 on an Apap machine. We had reached the end of our rope.

The balanced nutrition solution

In January of 2022 my wife and I took a trip to a life changing convention in Las, Vegas. We decided to learn more about the new nutrition products being introduced and how to introduce them to our already solid program. The information and products that were

Amazing weight loss nutrition!

presented has had such a profound impact on our lives to this day. We learned about food balance and weight loss/gain nutrition. My wife and I have already achieved significant weight loss with the thorough understanding of what we are consuming and how being vegetarian or vegan does not equate to a healthier life without proper knowledge and balance. We are not speaking badly on being vegetarian or vegan just that doing it without proper knowledge can be costly.

If you or someone you know is struggling with weight loss or gain or just want better nutrition, take the time to contact us for more information and help. Do not allow yourself to succumb to your health issues.

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