Courtney Owens

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Courtney Owens is a licensed stylist/esthetician and instructor, with over twenty years experience in the beauty Industry.  After several years of working behind the chair her passion for the industry lead her into educating others on how to have a successful business in the field of beauty.  

"I can honestly say I never experienced a burn out in this industry in my entire 20 years. I always found new ways to reinvent myself and reignite my passion. I have always been grateful to have a career I loved waking up to. Many people work their whole lives and never find their true passion.  I was blessed at the age of 14 to find that I had a love for making other people not just look good, but also feel good about themselves." 

The Body Emporium is a virtual University that will allow anyone with a passion for the beauty industry to gain new skills and knowledge on how to take their business to the next level.

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